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Manage critical industrial processes with our innovative control solutions. Whether you are
looking to automate single or multi-looped processes, protect electronic assets from thermal
runaway, or achieve thermal safety in your facility, our proven technologies can help you
maximize your infrastructure. Explore our selection of controllers for process optimization,
thermal management, threshold alarming and electronics cooling.

 Core Competencies:

  • Mission-critical electronics cooling and thermal management
  • Single or Multi-Looped Process Controls
  • Building Management System, Ventilation and Facility Controls
  • Digital Sensors with Control, Switch & Alarm Capabilities


»   Thermal Controllers

For OEMs in need of sophisticated cooling solutions for their critical electronics, our temperature controllers are custom-built to mitigate thermal runaway in your specific application:

Dual fan controller    

TC10252 - Dual DC Fan Controller Kit

Airflow controller kit for single or dual DC fans with software. Operates thermostatically using supplied on-board and optional external thermistors for dynamic, real-time airflow controls.

Multi-fan DC controller  

TC10259 - DC Multi-fan Controller

Thermostatically-controlled DC multi-fan controller with LED alarming capability and dense electronics cooling.


»   Digital Controllers

Whether you are looking to control independent or multi-sited processes, our digital controller solutions are designed to meet factory settings or custom-programmed parameters for thermal controls in a range of complex industrial applications:

digital thermostat controller    

TC10262 - Digital Thermostat Controller

Our Digital Thermostat Controller is a smart alternative to inaccurate bulb and capillary thermostats. Features single-dial controls for temperature and timer values with greater precision and repeatability.

Multi-zone Temperature & Time Controller  

TC10263 - Multi-Zone Temperature & Time Controller

Control up to six indpendent zones using robust microprocessor technology and digital thermistors for precise thermal control.

f400 150thumbnail  

F400 - Air Velocity Control Probe

The F400 is a highly configurable, air velocity probe designed for use in harsh environments where analog/digital control, switch or alarming signals are required. With a wealth of status and configuration memory built-in to the digital interface, the F400 can be used as a powerful control element, or as a sensor


»   Fan Trays

Our intelligent fan tray systems enable IT personnel to visually trend dynamic heat changes in server equipment and automate cooling responses to ensure uptime. Explore our range of cooling infrastructure for servers and mission-critical data centers:

fan tray tile for data centers    

HT-510 - Fan Tray Cooling Tile for Data Centers

Thermostatically-controlled fan tray floor tile for rack-level cooling automation and mitigation of hotspots in containment or open aisle setups.

 brands adaptivcool

ceiling mount air-mover  

HT-710 - Overhead Air-Mover for Rack Cooling

Overhead thermostatically-controlled air-mover for bypass airflow balancing and hotspot mitigation in data centers.

 brands adaptivcool

ac DC fan tray cooling system  

AC Fan System

9-fan AC cooling system that utilizes an open loop control algorithm to synchronize fan activities and an external thermistor to automate cooling based on IT demand. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters.

 brands prontoflow

dual tray cooling system  

Dual Fan Tray System

Versatile master/slave dual fan system for products which require multiple fan trays working in conjunction. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters for individual fans.

 brands prontoflow

vertical cool blade server fan tray  

Vertical "Cool" Blade System

6 fan tray system with temperature-based controls that delivers cooling based on chassis demand. LED alarming and indicators signal when sensor fails or there is a filter clog.

 brands prontoflow