Air Velocity Sensing

Measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity with the best-in-class sensor accuracy on the market.



Multi-point air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensors, pole or grid arrays for planar airflow analysis.


Airflow Visualization

Laboratory-grade, airflow visualizations tools deliver the accuracy and reliability that professionals require.


Airflow Monitors

Achieve airflow NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, and NIBS compliance with degreeC alarm and monitor systems.



Measure, manage, and master mission-critical data center facilities with our innovative control solutions.


Custom Solutions

Draw upon our thermal engineering and airflow management expertise to develop better products & improve energy efficiency.

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Your Partner for Airflow Sensing & Controls

DegreeC engineers and manufactures airflow solutions. We deliver both instrumentation-class airflow sensors and sensors embedded in some of the world's most demanding products. We manufacture airflow monitoring solutions for laboratory, building, and industrial safety applications to bring air precisely where it's needed. We also develop custom fan and heater controllers for OEM applications. DegreeC manages air from the board level, to the product level, and to the room scale. DegreeC has been developing airflow-critical solutions for over 20 years, backed by a portfolio of products and services designed to meet the rapidly changing competitive landscape that our clients face.

Medical & Laboratory

Innovative sensing solutions to bring facility equipment into safety compliance

HVAC & Building Commissioning

Keeping facility conditions balanced with probe and remote-head style sensing

Automotive & Transportation

Maximizing cabin comfort through multi-point airflow sensing

Technology & Data Center

Board mount sensing & Data Center airflow management 

Multi-point Sensing

Degree Controls’ °C Port Family of Data Acquisition Instruments are ideal where multiple airflow data-points must be collected rapidly and in real-time

Airflow Visualization

With our platform of portable, laboratory-grade, Airflow Visualization instruments, degreeC makes visualization of airflow patterns easier than ever

Award Winning Board Mount Sensor

Degree Controls’ Board Mount Sensor, F660, has been named a winner of the 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards in the category of Cooling & Thermal Management.