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Effective Airflow for Indoor Farming

Effective Airflow for Indoor Farming

FH-Series for Effective Airflow and Optimal Growth 

Effective airflow to control temperature and remove excess humidity from growing environments helps maintain ideal and repeatable growing conditions, essential for quality crops, productivity, and profitability. Indoor farms are engineered for specific plantings, and include climate management systems with airflow and humidity sensing, as well as irrigation and lighting systems. The cultivator must carefully control all aspects of the growing process in order to achieve consistent, quality crops and to protect plants from undesirable influences such as mold, mildew and other fungal disease.

FH-Series for Climate Management

The FH-Series from Degree Controls is a high-performance, non-directional, air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensor with both analog and digital communication outputs, and is used by our clients in their climate management systems. Designed with conformal coated electronics and a sealed enclosure, the FH400 is suitable for demanding environments. With its robust, splash proof design, strong thermal stability, and UV tolerant construction, the versatile FH400 is effective in handling a wide range of process control and monitoring applications.

As a first step in improving climate management, FH-Series sensors can be incorporated into mobile test stations to characterize airflow and humidity levels around your facility. Then, once you’ve optimized systems for ideal growing conditions, FH-Series sensors can be strategically installed in production growing areas to monitor air movement and humidity.

The FH400 is configured to order, with a variety of velocity ranges, mechanical lengths, and output communication styles. The analog voltage output may be configured 0-5V or 0-10V, and can be augmented with simultaneous digital communication providing for flexible design integration and airflow control.

Cultivation of fruits, baby greens, leafy greens, and other vegetables with airflow control and FH-Series sensors is better. Contact a Degree Controls representative to learn more.