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  • environmental sensors round 55x55


    Robust analog and digital sensors configured for precision and reliability.

    airflow switches round 55x55AIRFLOW SWITCHES

    Relay or open-drain airflow switches with corrosion-resistant designs.

    airflow instruments round 55x55AIRFLOW CONTROLLERS

    Thermal management and process controls for mission-critical applications.

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Laboratory-grade tools for empirical airflow, humidity and thermal analysis.

airflow viz round 55x55AIRFLOW VISUALIZATION

Sanitary fog instruments for airflow pattern visualization and leak detection.

analytics software round 55x55DATA LOGGING

Multipoint data acquisition and facility monitoring for PC and Mobile.

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Configurable alarming and monitoring solutions for airflow safety & compliance.

engineering services round 55x55CUSTOM SOLUTIONS

Design expertise in custom airflow and thermal management solutions.

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Award-winning airflow & thermal management products available for purchase online.


Industries Served

DegreeC engineers airflow and delivers innovative solutions to thermal issues in a variety of mission-critical applications. We make environmental sensors, instruments for system performance testing, and control solutions that deliver precise air flow where and when it is needed most. We do this at all scales of system infrastructure from miniature sensors for process controls in circuit board environments to comprehensive ventilation and cooling system controls for critical facilities. Industry leaders from a wide variety of markets turn to us for their airflow and thermal management needs - explore the solutions we offer for your industry:


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Your Partner for Airflow Sensing & Controls

AccuTrac Software Platform Redesigned with User-Friendly Interface & Robust Reporting Tools

accutrac screen mockup 2 settings

Milford, NH – January 1st, 2018 - DegreeC continues to innovate in the multipoint sensing arena with the newly redesigned multi-channel data acquisition software platform, AccuTrac. 

DegreeC debuts Bi-Directional Airflow Sensing Platform Redesign

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Milford, NH – December 1st, 2017 - DegreeC debuts redesign of the only bi-directional, high-performance, air velocity and air temperature sensor on the market. 

DegreeC launches Airflow Switch platform with Directional Flow Sensing Options


Milford, NH – August 15th, 2017 - DegreeC launches high performance Airflow Switch product platform with advanced digital relay capabilities and models for use in directional and non-directional flow scenarios.

DegreeC announces gold sponsorship of 25th CETA Conference.


Tampa, FL– April21-25th, 2017 - DegreeC announces gold-level sponsorship of the 25th Annual Controlled Environment Testing Association Conference (CETA) as it celebrates 5 years of airflow safety innovation with the RoosterTM platform.

DegreeC and AdaptivCOOL exhibit at 2017 Semi-Therm

semi therm 300

San Jose, CA– March 13th, 2017 - At this year's 33rd annual Semi-Therm Conference in San Jose, electronics component manufacturers and designers will be brought into conversation with the mission-critical data center industry by way of a unique partnership with AFCOM. DegreeC will present a solution portfolio designed for multi-scalar electronics cooling optimization for data centers and PCB applications.