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    Robust analog and digital sensors configured for precision and reliability.

    airflow switches round 55x55AIRFLOW SWITCHES

    Relay or open-drain airflow switches with corrosion-resistant designs.

    airflow instruments round 55x55AIRFLOW CONTROLLERS

    Thermal management and process controls for mission-critical applications.

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Laboratory-grade tools for empirical airflow, humidity and thermal analysis.

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Sanitary fog instruments for airflow pattern visualization and leak detection.

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Multipoint data acquisition and facility monitoring for PC and Mobile.

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Configurable alarming and monitoring solutions for airflow safety & compliance.

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Design expertise in custom airflow and thermal management solutions.

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Award-winning airflow & thermal management products available for purchase online.

  • AccuTrac Software Platform Redesign Launches
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  • DegreeC debuts Bi-Directional Airflow Sensor Platform Redesign
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  • DegreeC launches Airflow Switch Platform with Directional Sensing Capabilities
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  • DegreeC announces gold sponsorship of the 25th annual CETA Conference
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  • DegreeC and AdaptivCOOL to exhibit at data center themed Semi-Therm conference
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  • DegreeC to expand Award-Winning Board Mount Sensor Platform in 2017
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  • Nova Instruments Acquires Degree Controls Inc.
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  • Milford, NH – December 2016
    Happy Holidays from DegreeC!
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  • Novi, MI – October 25, 2016
    DegreeC Brings Airflow Expertise to 2016 Automotive Testing Expo
    DegreeC brings its airflow expertise to the 2016 Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan. Engineers will demonstrate how to visualize and measure airflow performance in automotive climate control systems at booth #11040.
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  • Milford, NH – October 3, 2016
    DegreeC Introduces Airflow Measurement Platform at Critical Facilities

    At the 2016 Critical Facilities Summit, DegreeC and AdaptivCOOL will team up to show mission-critical data center operators how airflow can be measured and controlled at every point of facility infrastructure. DegreeC will preview a new airflow measurement and sensing platform designed to answer questions about airflow from the CRAC to the RACK and beyond.

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  • Milford, NH – September 30, 2016
    DegreeC Showcases Airflow Safety Portfolio at 2016 ABSA Conference

    DegreeC supports the Life Sciences industry by continuing to refine and reinvent airflow measurement and visualization in biosafety applications. At the 59th Annual Biological Safety Conference, DegreeC will be showcasing its biosafety portfolio for laboratories and controlled environments. 

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  • Milford, NH – July 1, 2016
    DegreeC Expands Board Mount Sensor Portfolio with F660 Product Launch

    In embedded electronic systems, airflow performance governs system operation and reliability.  To measure this in real-time, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the F660, the smallest fully integrated, board-solderable airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.  By putting air velocity and temperature monitoring onto the printed circuit board itself, DegreeC customers can now optimize products at a new level.

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  • New York, NY – April 21, 2016
    DegreeC at Data Center Dynamics Converged

    At the 2016 Data Center Dynamics Converged Conference, industry leaders gather to  discuss issues critical to facility management today and in the years to come. Efficiency gains, the impact of climate change and next-generation airflow management are of noted concern for executive board sessions and featured panels. Consult the DegreeC blog to get the latest information on airflow management in 2016.

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  • San Jose, CA – March 14-17, 2016
    DegreeC to host Airflow & Thermal Management workshop at Semi-Therm 2016

    At 32nd Annual Semi-Therm Conference, DegreeC will be hosting a workshop to discuss board-level aiflow and thermal management solutions for designers and engineers in the field alike. Workshop is open for RSVP and vendor will be on conference floor at booth #202 

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  • Milford, NH – February 2, 2016
    DegreeC Launches New Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor with Display

    DegreeC builds up its air velocity and temperature sensor portfolio with a new touchscreen option for real-time display of sensor readings – the RoosterTM Sensor100. With user-defined alarm capabilities, this product is uniquely suited for environmental monitoring and HVAC process controls in building systems.

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  • Milford, NH – December 15, 2015
    DegreeC Expands Feature Set for Rooster Monitor100TM

    Responding to customer feedback, Degree Controls, Inc.  released a comprehensive firmware upgrade for its LCD Touchscreen airflow monitor, The Rooster Monitor100.  Using the product's built-in USB interface, users can perform this latest field upgrade with ease and gain access to new auto-dimming features and alarm recovery enhancements.

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  • Milford, NH – October 30, 2015
    DegreeC introduces smallest, board-mounted air velocity sensor 

    Degree Controls, Inc. has released the smallest, board-mountable, digital airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.  By providing measurement of real-time air velocity and air temperature, the RFS300 creates a new level of system cooling control, air filter management and system reliability. Communicates real-time air velocity and air temperature status via I2C and UART digital interfaces.


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  • Providence, RI – October 9-14, 2015
    DegreeC to Exhibit at Booth#100 at the 58th Annual ABSA Meeting 

    Degree Controls, Inc. will be joining biological safety professionals at the 58th annual American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) conference to introduce the community to its latest biological safety solutions. At booth #100, DegreeC technicians will be demonstrating use of new airflow visualization nozzle kits for the °C Breeze fogger, and the first touchscreen airflow monitor on the market for fume hoods. 

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  • Milford, NH – July 15, 2015
    DegreeC launches first touchscreen airflow monitor for fume hoods
    DegreeC expands its airflow safety platform with the first touchscreen alarm monitor on the market for chemical fume hoods and laminar flow cabinets. With its full color LCD touch screen, displayed airflow values, and highly intuitive user interface, the RoosterTM platform is the premier safety solution for workstations where a chemical or laminar flow hood is utilized.
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  • Milford, NH – July 1, 2015
    DegreeC introduces compact Data Logging & Airflow Analysis Instrument

    Responding to user feedback, Degree Controls has released a new data logging and airflow analysis instrument, the °C Port1200, as a compact alternative to the 36 channel °C Port3600. With this data acquisition tool optimized for smaller-scale applications, designers can aggregate airflow data from up to 12 sensors simultaneously, and broadcast their readings to multiple users on the web. 

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  • Milford, NH – April 20, 2015
    DegreeC introduces airflow sensor array to the market for multipoint data collection

    To meet a growing demand for application-specific, multipoint airflow data collection, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the latest test instrument in the Cambridge AccuSenseTM brand of precision sensing technologies; The °C SPAR (Sensor Pole Array).  This product is ideal for applications ranging from automotive cabin climate testing, containment cabinet airflow studies and HVAC duct testing.

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  • Destin, FL – March 20, 2015
    DegreeC to Exhibit at the Annual CETA Meeting from April 17-20

    Degree Controls, Inc. will be joining certifiers, manufacturers of biosafety cabinets and fume hoods, and researchers at the 23rd annual Controlled Environmental Testing Association (CETA) conference from April 17-21 in Destin, Florida. Visit us at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in booth #10 for a preview our latest airflow sensing, alarming and visualization technologies.  

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  • Las Vegas, NV – February 22, 2015
    AdaptivCOOL to Exhibit at Data Center World in Las Vegas this Spring

    AdaptivCOOL, a technology brand of DegreeC, will be among data center professionals and industry experts at the Data Center World (AFCOM) Spring conference from April 19-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop by booth #1128 in the Mirage Resort in for a demonstration of our innovative airflow management and measurement solutions for mission-critical data centers.

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  • Milford, NH – July 1, 2014
    DegreeC introduces Next-Gen Multipoint Airflow Measurement Instrument

    Degree Controls, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to its Cambridge AccusenseTM brand of sensing systems - the °C Port3600, a portable, multi-point airflow measurement instrument designed for complex data collection using the AccuTracTM Plus software toolset. This product delivers higher repeatability and accuracy with new built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation.

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  • Atlanta, GA - March 12, 2014
    Data Center Uptime Event To Feature T5 Data Center Manager Joseph Parrino

    AdaptivCOOL, Paragon International, Inc., RLE Technologies, and Upsite Technologies, today announced that they have teamed up for a complimentary Wine & Wisdom event designed to facilitate conversation and give data center end-users the best practices needed to optimize facility environments while maintaining data center uptime.

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  • Milford, NH – April 30, 2014
    DegreeC Receives Supplier Excellence Award from GE Healthcare, Inc. (GE)

    Degree Controls, Inc. was awarded the Supplier Excellence Award for Electronics Components from GE Healthcare, Inc. (GE), during GE’s Supplier Day held this spring in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Degree Controls custom manufactures high-level fan assemblies and airflow sensors to meet the precision-critical demands of GE’s CT scanners, MRI systems and PET product modalities.

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Industries Served

DegreeC engineers airflow and delivers innovative solutions to thermal issues in a variety of mission-critical applications. We make environmental sensors, instruments for system performance testing, and control solutions that deliver precise air flow where and when it is needed most. We do this at all scales of system infrastructure from miniature sensors for process controls in circuit board environments to comprehensive ventilation and cooling system controls for critical facilities. Industry leaders from a wide variety of markets turn to us for their airflow and thermal management needs - explore the solutions we offer for your industry:


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Your Partner for Airflow Sensing & Controls

Nova Instruments Acquires Degree Controls Inc.

nova logo

Wakefield, MA– January 19, 2017 - Nova Instruments LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Milford, New Hampshire based Degree Controls, Inc. with its division AdaptivCOOL. With the acquisition of degreeC, Nova Instruments will be able to offer a larger range of fluid mechanics measurement systems to new industrial applications, ranging from biosafety cabinet monitors to board-solderable air velocity sensors.

Award-Winning F660 Platform Expansion

f660 board mount

Milford, NH – January 6, 2017 - Building on the success of the F660 board mount airflow sensor platform, the 2016 winner of the ECN Impact Award in the category of Cooling & Thermal Management, degreeC will launch a new low-profile variant called the F661 to meet increasing client demands for minimal flow impedance. 


5 Reasons Still Airflow Matters in 2016


New York, New York – April 21, 2016 - At the 2016 Data Center Dynamics Converged Conference in New York, industry leaders gathered to share and discuss issues critical to facility management today and in the years to come. Efficiency gains and next-generation airflow management were significant concerns debated in the executive boardroom sessions. DegreeC demonstrated a new method for calculating the coefficient of performance for cooling infrastructure.


Degree Controls, Inc. to host a workshop on board-level airflow management at 32nd Annual Semi-Therm Conference.

semi therm 2016

San Jose, California – February 26, 2016 - At the 32nd Annual Semi-Therm Conference in San Jose, CA, DegreeC will be hosting a workshop to discuss topics ranging from successfully testing and confirming CFD analysis and implementation of on-board air velocity and temperature sensors in production systems, to real-time environmental monitoring, DC-DC current management, and mitigating localized airflow starvation events. Join us on March 16th at 3pm or stop by booth#202 on the conference floor.


Degree Controls, Inc. introduces smallest, board-mountable air velocity sensor on the market.

rfs300 150thumbnail

Milford, NH – October 13, 2015 - To meet the growing need in the telecom, computing, server and ruggedized electronics markets, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the smallest, board-mountable, digital airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.  By providing measurement of real-time air velocity and air temperature, the RFS300 creates a new level of system cooling control, air filter management and system reliability.