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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces airflow sensor array to the market for multipoint data collection.

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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces airflow sensor array to the market for multipoint environmental data collection.

To meet a growing demand for application-specific, multipoint airflow data collection, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the latest test instrument in the Cambridge AccuSenseTM brand of velocity and temperature sensing technologies; The °C SPAR (Sensor Pole Array).  This precision sensing instrument is of tubular construction with air velocity and temperature sensors located along its length, and is fully customized to the customer’s length, sensor quantity and pitch requirements.

The °C SPAR is designed for a variety of testing applications, including ventilation duct efficiency, critical containment validation, comprehensive airflow and temperature testing in data centers, cleanrooms, and climate control testing in vehicle cabins.  The °C SPAR can be arranged in a grid layout, providing real-time air velocity testing in a planar area. Like all of the sensor products in the Cambridge AccuSenseTM family, the °C SPAR is compatible with our multi-channel data acquisition system the °C Port3600, for real-time reporting and analytics on the web.

When numerous and complex test scenarios are needed for optimal product engineering, single-point measurement is time-consuming and difficult to repeat. Whether measuring velocity profiles across blades and board components for critical electronics, or tracing flow patterns over planar spaces such as biosafety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, building ducts, and personal comfort spaces, the °C SPAR is now the most versatile instrument available on the market for real-time, multipoint data collection and analysis, and can trim hundreds of testing hours from product design and testing cycles.





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