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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces smallest, board-mountable air velocity sensor on the market.

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Degree Controls, Inc. introduces smallest, board-mountable air velocity sensor on the market.

To meet the growing need in the telecom, computing, server and ruggedized electronics markets, Degree Controls, Inc. has released the smallest, board-mountable, digital airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.  By providing measurement of real-time air velocity and air temperature, the RFS300 creates a new level of system cooling control, air filter management and system reliability.  The RFS300 communicates real-time air velocity and air temperature status over I2C and UART digital interfaces to the host controller.

Clients with concerns of filter clog, intake plenum blockage, or optimization of airflow over DC regulators, optical lasers, critical heatsinks or devices, are using the RFS300 sensors to optimize operation.  Because the sensor provides both velocity and air temperature, energy dissipation calculations and filter impedance calculations can finally be made with real-time, in-situ, direct data. The RFS300 is the most versatile air velocity sensor for electronics use on the market.  Available with turnkey daughter board for quick integration, or a reference design for the client to build the drive circuitry directly onto their PCB, the RFS300 is suitable for medium and high volume applications.






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