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Achieve airflow safety compliance with alarm and monitor systems built to meet a range of safety
standards including NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, and NIBS. The RoosterTM alarm monitor platform is designed
to empower facility managers and EH&S professionals with the ability to set alarm thresholds,
configure security protocols, and integrate units with building management systems. 
The RoosterTM platform is the Certifier's Choice for airflow safety monitoring and alarming in 
chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, clean rooms and industrial ventilation systems.


Core Competencies:

  • Airflow Safety Compliance (NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, & NIBS)
  • Quick and Easy Installation Procedure for Every Model
  • BMS Integration Capability for Night-setback Energy Savings
  • Full Color Glove-Friendly Touchscreen Interface Available 
  • Highly Configurable Alarm and Display Behaviors


»   Airflow Alarms

Get into airflow safety compliance with our alarm systems purpose-built for chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, containment barriers, and clean rooms.

rooster airflow alarm 150thumbnail  

RoosterTM Airflow Alarm

For Biosafety cabinets and Chemical Fume Hood airflow alarming.  Industry choice for NSF-49 compliance, fastest install available.  May be configured with with probe style sensor, or sidewall sensor for corrosive environments.

rooster sensors 150thumbnail  

RoosterTM Airflow Alarm NSB

All of the features of the RoosterTM Airflow Alarm, including remotely initiated, night-setback, for energy saving applications.

»   Airflow Monitors

Meet airflow compliance and empower your personnel with a dynamic, customizable touchscreen interface specifically designed to accommodate facility-specific requirements for alarm behavior and user access tiers for improved security.

rooster display 150thumbnail    

RoosterTM Monitor100 - Touchscreen Alarm System

Next Generation touch-screen module for containment workstations with dynamic BMS integration and multiple input/output alarm and device controls.