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Validate your mission-critical systems with our precision instruments. Whether you are looking to bring
facilities into compliance, capture empirical data for analysis, or test performance of key processes
in your environment, our portfolio of laboratory-grade tools can deliver the precision and reliability
you need. Our diverse instrumentation solutions include handheld fog generators for airflow
visualization, sensor grid arrays for comfort testing, multi-channel sensing instruments
for environmental analysis, and impedance testing apparatuses for printed circuit boards.

Core Competencies:

  • Air Flow & Fluid Dynamics Visualization in Controlled Environments
  • Air Velocity, Flow, Temperature & Humidity Data Logging
  • Real-time Analytics, Graphing, Reporting & Sharing of Sensor Statistics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Testing
  • Air Flow Impedance Testing for Circuit Board Development Cycles

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»   Multi-point Sensing & Measurement

To meet the need for design engineers to collect data from multiple points simultaneously, Degree Controls designed a suite of multipoint sensing systems to streamline data logging, analytics, and yield accurate results that can be easily repeated. The following sensing tools enable real-time, complex measurements of air velocity, temperature and humidity with unprecedented ease for critical measuring applications in your industry:

usb sensors    

USB Series - Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Precise, easy placement sensors designed for single or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient, USB output  for data collection with your PC or Laptop.


sensor wand array  

°C SPAR - Linear Sensor Pole Array

Fully-configurable sensor pole system for linear air velocity, humidity & temperature measurement designed for user-friendly AccuTracTM software suite. System is custom built to meet user-defined specifications including pole dimensions, calibration ranges, and sensor quantities.

cspar grid 150x150  

ºC Grid: Planar Airflow Sensor Grid 

A portable, fully-configurable planar airflow, humidity and temperature measurement system that includes data collection software. Our engineers design custom testing grids to evaluate performance of heating, cooling, and defrosting systems in interior cabins. Our sensors are calibrated to detect environmental conditions optimal for human comfort.
CGrate 150  

°C GRATE - Volumetric Airflow Measurement

A portable, fully-configurable planar airflow and temperature measurement system that includes data collection software. Sensors are mounted in a custom test fixture specific to user application needs.


»   Data Acquisition, Reporting & Analytics

Measure and log sensor data with ease using our data acquisition instruments and analytics software. Eliminate hours of labor and inaccuracies from your development cycle with the following instruments:

multi channel sensor aggregator   

°C Port3600 - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instrument

Network-ready, 36 channel data acquisition instrument for air velocity, temperature and humidity sensor measurement. Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for highest possible repeatability. For smaller scale applications, see our 12 channel instrument, the °C Port1200

product cport1200 sensors 150  

°C Port1200 - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instrument

Networked, 12 channel measurement instrument for air velocity, temperature and humidity sensor data collection. Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for highest possible repeatability. For larger scale applications, see our 36 channel instrument, the °C Port3600.
DAQ Software  

AccuTracTM - Airflow Data Acquisition Software

The premier software platform for datalogging, graphing, and analyzing sensor data with no technical expertise required. New drag and drop functionality allows the user to select sensors to easily create rectangular or circular planar areas, so velocity and temperature gradient maps can be automatically generated. Licenses available for purchase online, and are sold by the number of channels (sensors) being measured simultaneously.  Renewal fee applies after 12 months.