Multipoint Airflow Data Acquisition Software

Paired with the °C Port family of data acquisition instruments, our AccuTrac™ software collects up to 144 air velocity, air temperature, surface temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data in real-time.  With flexible user preferences, AccuTrac™ displays, logs, graphs, and saves without the need to export to another program. If users wish to export to data manipulation software, all logged data is exportable as a .csv file. AccuTrac™ is a Windows-based tool, used globally, which transforms your PC into a powerful test and analysis system.  AccuTrac™ increases airflow measurement visibility, reduces testing time, and can measure complex multi-point scenarios. Users are able to generate planar flow distribution plots in both Cartesian (x-y) and circular areas, or produce line graphs of multiple sensors, simultaneously. AccuTrac™ is a licensed tool, with annual renewal fee. Activation codes are available online and can be transferred to new PC’s.  The license allows unlimited AccuTrac™ downloads, ensuring the user has the latest build.






  • Real-time air velocity, temperature, humidity and pressure data logging

  • Save/Export data in universal file formats (.xlsx, .csv, .jpeg)

  • Easy-to-use graphing, spreadsheets, and reporting tools

  • Real-time compensation for changing humidity and barometric pressure (altitude). 

  • Automatically inserts sensor data into spreadsheets (sensor name, type, calibration date and range)

  • Customize start and stop times for tests

  • Create customized labels for sensors

  • Ideal for planar flow gradient mapping, with instant snapshot capability


Purchase Licenses Online

Single Channel: $100
(No Annual Renewal) 

2-4 Channels: $300 
(No Annual Renewal)

5-12 Channels: $1,000
($300 Annual Renewal)

13-36 Channels$1,800
($600 Annual Renewal)

37+ Channels$3,500
($1,500 Annual Renewal)



pdf button AccuTrac Data Sheet

pdf button AccuTrac Software Manual

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weblink Compatible USB Sensors for Air Velocity, Humidity & Temperature



Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10

  • 1.0 GHz processor

  • 2 GB Ram

Companion Sensors & Instruments Designed for AccuTracTM Software Platform