Test Fogger Visualization Instrument

 The °C Breeze Fog generator is used for the visualization of airflow profiles, using low impulse, thermally neutral fog. This handheld device allows mobility in large areas or remote locations where a direct connection to power is not practical. The micro-sized particles provide for excellent air flow visibility without premature settling or dispersion. The supplied nozzle extension tube allows precise fog delivery into small spaces. This easy-to-operate unit produces fog quickly with virtually no warm-up delay. Fog may be generated continuously for 10 minutes on a single battery charge, or using the optional 110/230V AC wall power supply, fog can be generated continuously for a period of up to one hour. Accessories and replacement parts are available for purchase online.





      • Capable of filling 3 m3 (100 ft3) area with fog in constant-on mode, before evaporation

      • Portable, battery operated instrument with AC wall adapter accessory available

      • FDA-GRAS approved, non-depositing oil-less and smoke-free fog fluid

      • Includes battery charger with illuminating LED charge indicator

      • High opacity and long visual latency to meet your application needs

      • Eliminates use of toxic smoke machines, dry ice and smoke sticks

      • Remote control accessory available for use in inaccessible enclosures

      • FlowBulb Nozzle Accessory for low-flow velocity applications and live demos.

      • MiniFlow Nozzle Accessory for hard-to-reach ingress or leakage points.

      • PlanarFlow Nozzle for testing face velocity uniformity in cointainment cabinets.

      • Accessories and Replacement Parts Now Available for Purchase Online!


Applications By Industry

  • information technology
    • Safe for electronics

    • PCB air impedance testing 

    • Server fan performance testing

    • Rack cabinet airway trending

    • Filter clog analysis

    it app 150x250
  • laboratory & research
    • Laminar & sash flow validation

    • HEPA filter testing
    • NSF/ANSI-49 compliance

    • Canopy & chemical fume hoods

    • Air exchangers for animal caging
    lab app 150x250
  • transportation
    • Interior cabin comfort optimization

    • Air balancing

    • Leak detection in ventilations systems

    • Airflow trending in engine compartments 

    transporation auto app 150x250
  • data center
    • Safe for electronics

    • Perforated floor tile airflow visualization

    • Overhead aisle flow analysis

    • Containment aisle flow validation

    • CRAC/CRAH unit performance testing

    data center app 150x250
  • hvac
    • Local exhaust vent testing (COSHH)

    • Air balancing (TABS)

    • Building envelope commissioning (NIBS)

    • HEPA filter testing

    • NEB certifier analysis
    hvac induct app 150x250


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