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Manage critical industrial processes with our innovative control solutions. Whether you are
looking to automate single or multi-looped processes, protect electronic assets from thermal
runaway, or achieve thermal safety in your facility, our proven technologies can help you
maximize your infrastructure. Explore our selection of controllers for process optimization,
thermal management, threshold alarming and electronics cooling.

 Core Competencies:

  • Mission-critical electronics cooling and thermal management
  • Single or Multi-Looped Process Controls
  • Building Management System, Ventilation and Facility Controls
  • Digital Sensors with Control, Switch & Alarm Capabilities


»   Thermal Controllers

For OEMs in need of sophisticated cooling solutions for their critical electronics, our temperature controllers are custom-built to mitigate thermal runaway in your specific application:

Dual fan controller    

TC10252 - Dual DC Fan Controller Kit

Airflow controller kit for single or dual DC fans with software. Operates thermostatically using supplied on-board and optional external thermistors for dynamic, real-time airflow controls.

Multi-fan DC controller  

TC10259 - DC Multi-fan Controller

Thermostatically-controlled DC multi-fan controller with LED alarming capability and dense electronics cooling.