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To safeguard against pathogen contamination and prevent harm to specimens, personnel and
expensive research assets, facility managers employ an array of airflow management techniques to
detect leakages, automate ventilation, and alarm personnel at the first sign of a containment breach. 
For laboratories, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical factories, we offer innovative control and
sensing solutions to bring facility equipment into safety compliance. Our cost-effective,
user-friendly products deliver the precision required for high-stakes critical containment.


Core Competencies:

  • Air Pattern & Flow Path Visualization for Leak Detection
  • Air Flow Safety Compliance including NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, & NIBS regulations
  • Alarm Systems for Biosafety Cabinets, Chemical Fume Hoods, and Animal Cages
  • Empirical Data Collection Instruments for Containment Environments
  • Analytics Software for Environmental Dynamics Modeling
  • Laboratory-grade Sensors for Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Measurement
  • High-performance Thermal Controls for Medical Electronics

Case Studies

pdf button Side-Wall Sensors: Designing For Laboratory Cabinets and Fume Hoods

»   Air Flow Safety Monitoring

Get into airflow safety compliance with our alarm systems built for chemical fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, containment barriers, and clean rooms. Our RoosterTM solution platform is designed to accommodate a range of regulation requirements by allowing the facility manager to configure alarming thresholds, security protocols, and building system integration:

rooster display 150thumbnail    

RoosterTM Monitor100 - Touchscreen Alarm System

Next Generation touch-screen module for containment workstations with dynamic BMS integration and multiple input/output alarm and device controls.

rooster airflow alarm 150thumbnail  

RoosterTM Airflow Alarm

For Biosafety cabinets and Chemical Fume Hood airflow alarming.  Industry choice for NSF-49 compliance, fastest install available.  May be configured with with probe style sensor, or sidewall sensor for corrosive environments.

rooster sensors 150thumbnail  

RoosterTMAirflow Alarm NSB

All of the features of the RoosterTM Airflow Alarm, including remotely initiated, night-setback, for energy saving applications.
FH400 side 150  

FH400 - Air Velocity, Humidity, & Temperature Probe

The FH400 is an all-in-one 24VDC air Velocity, humidity, and temperature probe sensor optimized for use in sensitive environments and applications such as vivarium monitoring and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

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»   Airflow Visualization

Using our laboratory-grade fog instruments, designed specifically for sanitary and electronic environments, you can now reveal the movement patterns and flow paths of air. Unlike smoke sticks and carbon dioxide, these propylene-glycol based fog generators leave no residue and can be used to trace the ambient flow profiles of air to validate compliance in ventilation systems and equipment. Typical applications include laminar flow demonstration over wet benches, face velocity visualization in biosafety cabinets, containment barrier challenging, duct commissioning (NIBS), and egress through wall fixtures and baffles.

cbreeze 150thumbnail     

°C Breeze - Airflow Pattern Visualizer

Our portable, handheld fog generator for tracing air currents, commissioning ventilation systems and demonstrating flow paths in laboratory equipment.

flowmarker with fog 150thumbnail    

Flowmarker - Precision Fog Generator

Maximum flow-controlled fog instrument with specialized accessories for certification and validation of mission-critical containment systems.

»   Multi-point Sensing & Measurement

To meet the need for equipment designers and certifiers to collect data from multiple points simultaneously, Degree Controls designed a suite of multipoint sensing systems to streamline data logging, and analytics, while yielding accurate results that can be easily repeated. The following sensing tools enable real-time, complex measurements of air velocity, temperature and humidity with unprecedented ease for critical measuring applications in the laboratory industry:

usb sensors    

USB Series - Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Precise, easy placement sensors designed for single- or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient, USB output  for data collection with your PC or Laptop.


sensor wand array  

°C SPAR - Linear Sensor Pole Array

Fully-configurable sensor pole system for linear air velocity, humidity & temperature measurement with user-friendly software. System is custom built to meet user-defined specifications including pole dimensions, calibration ranges, and sensor quantities.

cspar grid 150x150  

°C GRID - Environmental Sensor Grid 

A portable, fully-configurable planar airflow and temperature measurement system that includes data collection software. Sensors are mounted in a custom test fixture specific to user application needs. Our laboratory customers rely on these sensor grids to validate sash and laminar flow in containment enclosures, cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets and chemical fume hoods.


»   Data Acquistion, Reporting & Analytics

Aggregate and log sensor data with ease using our data acquisition instruments and analytics software. Eliminate hours of labor and inaccuracies from your development cycle with the following instruments:

multi channel sensor aggregator   

°C Port3600 - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instrument

Network-ready, 36-channel measurement instrument for air velocity, temperature and humidity sensor aggregation. Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for highest possible repeatability. 

DAQ Software  

AccuTracTM  - Airflow Data Acquisition Software

The premier software platform for datalogging, graphing, and analyzing sensor data with no technical expertise required. New drag and drop functionality allows the user to select sensors to easily create rectangular or circular planar areas, so velocity and temperature gradient maps can be automatically generated. Licenses available for purchase online, and are sold by the number of channels (sensors) being measured simultaneously.  Renewal fee applies after 12 months.


»   Medical HVAC System Controls & HEPA Filter Testing

To complement building management systems and critical ventilation infrastructure in medical, pharmaceutical or laboratory environments, our robust control sensors communicate in both digital and analog protocols to fulfill control, switch and alarm functions. Validate HEPA filter performance with one of our insertion probes, or switch out risky mechanical flow switches for solid-state electronic alternatives for maximum precision and reliability.

FH400 side 150  

FH400 - Air Velocity, Humidity, & Temperature Probe

The FH400 is an all-in-one 24VDC air Velocity, humidity, and temperature probe sensor optimized for use in sensitive environments and applications such as vivarium monitoring and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

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f200 diagonal gallery grande  

F200 - Digital Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

The F200  is a versatile and rugged, high-performance air velocity and air temperature sensor with a digital interface. With a wealth of status and configuration memory options built-in to the digital interface, the F200 can be used as a sensor or a powerful control element. 

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f400 sensor installation 150thumbnail  

F400 - Air Flow Control Probe

The F400 is a highly configurable, air velocity probe designed for use in harsh environments where analog/digital control, switch or alarming signals are required. With a wealth of status and configuration memory built-in to the digital interface, the F400 can be used as a powerful control element, or as a sensor.


»   High-Performance Medical Electronics

DegreeC designs and manufactures custom fan assemblies and controller solutions to cool mission-critical electronics in medical imaging and diagnostics equipment.

mri 150thumbnail    

Custom Fan Assembly

Industry leaders turn to us to design custom fan assembly systems for electronic component cooling in CT, MRI and PET equipment. We will work with you to meet the precision-critical demands of your system.