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As client expectations for higher performance and broader connectivity continue to grow, network
providers face the ongoing challenge of remote environmental management for facility equipment
in both rural and urban locations. With our reliable instruments, monitoring environmental data such
as OSP cabinet temperatures, cooling effectiveness in communication huts, and surface water
condensation, can be done efficiently and precisely from your PC workstation or mobile device.
If you are looking to mitigate the risk of thermal runaway in critical electronic systems, explore
our array of sensing, control and cooling solutions for server, rack and facility-level safety.


Core Competencies:

  • Data Collection & Analysis of Air Flow, Temperature and Humidity Conditions
  • Real-time Trending and Reporting of Remote Environmental Conditions
  • Mission-critical Electronics Cooling and Thermal Management
  • Board-level Sensing and Diagnostic Tools for High-Performance Electronics
  • Building Management System, Ventilation and Facility Controls

»   Remote Environmental Data Logging & Analysis

To protect technology assets and ensure maximum customer satisfaction, technicians rely on real-time environmental data of remote facilities to make informed resource decisions and prevent client service interruption. The following data collection instruments perform measurements of air velocity, temperature and humidity with unprecedented ease and precision: 

uas2000 sensor 150thumbnail    

USB Series - Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Precise, easy placement sensors designed for single or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient USB output for data collection with your PC or Laptop.



cspar sensor wand 150thumbnail  

°C SPAR - Linear Sensor Pole Array

Fully-configurable sensor pole array system for linear air velocity and temperature measurement - replete with data collection software. This linear unit is ideal for measuring electronics cabinet cooling performance.

f200 diagonal gallery grande  

F200 - Digital Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

The F200  is a versatile and rugged, high-performance air velocity and air temperature sensor with a digital interface. With a wealth of status and configuration memory options built-in to the digital interface, the F200 can be used as a sensor or a powerful control element. 

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 f400 150thumbnail  

F400 - Configurable Air Velocity & Temperature Probe

The F400 is a highly configurable, air velocity probe designed for use in harsh environments where analog/digital control, switch or alarming signals are required. Our telecommunication clients often configure this probe to serve as an environmental data logger in telecommunication shelters and cell huts.
cport3600 150thumbnail  

°C Port3600 - Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Instrument

Network-ready, 36-channel measurement instrument for air velocity, temperature and humidity sensor aggregation. Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for highest possible repeatability.

accutrac plus software spreadsheet screen 150thumbnail  

AccuTracTM  - Airflow Data Acquisition Software

The premier software platform for datalogging, graphing, and analyzing sensor data with no technical expertise required. New drag and drop functionality allows the user to select sensors to easily create rectangular or circular planar areas, so velocity and temperature gradient maps can be automatically generated. Licenses available for purchase online, and are sold by the number of channels (sensors) being measured simultaneously.  Renewal fee applies after 12 months.

»   Facility Ventilation System Controls

To complement building management systems and critical ventilation infrastructure, our robust control sensors communicate in both digital and analog protocols to fulfill control, switch and alarm functions:

f300t switch thumbnail 150x    

300T - Electronic Air Flow Switch

Solid-state, hysterisis-free, rapid-response electronic air flow switch available in uni or bi-directional flow measurement with alarming and NO/NC setpoints.

f400 sensor head 150thumbnail  

F400 - Air Velocity Control Probe

The F400 is a highly configurable, air velocity probe designed for use in harsh environments where analog/digital control, switch or alarming signals are required. With a wealth of status and configuration memory built-in to the digital interface, the F400 can be used as a powerful control element, or as a sensor.


»   Server, Rack & IT Cooling Infrastructure

Our intelligent fan tray systems match airflow (CFM) to meet IT demand, protecting assets from thermal spikes, eliminating hotspots, and reducing energy consumption by 40%. Explore our cooling infrastructure product line for mission-critical data centers:

fan tray tile for data centers    

HT-510 - Fan Tray Cooling Tile for Data Centers

Thermostatically-controlled fan tray floor tile for rack-level cooling automation and mitigation of hotspots in containment or open aisle setups.

 brands adaptivcool

ceiling mount air-mover  

HT-710 - Overhead Air-Mover for Rack Cooling

Overhead thermostatically-controlled air-mover for bypass airflow balancing and hotspot mitigation in data centers.

 brands adaptivcool

ac DC fan tray cooling system  

AC Fan System

9-fan AC cooling system that utilizes an open loop control algorithm to synchronize fan activities and an external thermistor to automate cooling based on IT demand. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters.

 brands prontoflow

dual tray cooling system  

Dual Fan Tray System

Versatile master/slave dual fan system for products which require multiple fan trays working in conjunction. Digital communication protocols enable alarming function and user-defined performance parameters for individual fans.

 brands prontoflow

vertical cool blade server fan tray  

Vertical "Cool" Blade System

6-fan tray system with temperature-based controls that delivers cooling based on chassis demand. LED alarming and indicators signal when sensor fails or there is a filter clog.

 brands prontoflow


»   Thermal Controllers for Critical Electronics

For OEMs in need of sophisticated cooling solutions for their critical electronics, our temperature controllers are custom-built to mitigate thermal runaway in your specific application.

Dual fan controller    

TC10252 - Dual DC Fan Controller Kit

Airflow controller kit for single or dual DC fans with software. Operates thermostatically using supplied on-board and optional external thermistors for dynamic, real-time airflow controls.

Multi-fan DC controller  

TC10259 - DC Multi-fan Controller

Thermostatically-controlled DC multi-fan controller with LED alarming capability and dense electronics cooling.

f661 150    

F661 - Low Profile Board Mount Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

Designed to measure spatial airflow inside electronic or ducted systems where a vertical profile is needed, the F661 uses high performance dual element sensing technology and can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board, or plugged into a surface-mount socket for easy removal or maintenance. The F661 sensor is the smallest fully-integrated, digital (I2C or UART communication) board-solderable airflow and air temperature sensor on the market.

»   Thermal Sensor Network for Infrastructure Monitoring

Outfit your facility, cell hut, shelter or relay station with a sensor network and device controls for real-time, remote monitoring and thermal mitigation from your mobile device or laptop.

accutrac plus software mobile devices 150thumbnail    

Thermal Sensor Network

Thermal sensor network and software system for facility-wide visibility of temperature conditions in real-time. Software enables remote monitoring from the PC or mobile device for mission-critical or inaccessible environments including data centers, cleanroom facilities, cell huts and telecommunication shelters.

 brands adaptivcool