Recalibration Program

The sensor recalibration process exercises the sensor across its performance range and reprograms it to take into account age and contamination effects that build up over time. Average cost for this service starts at $150 per sensor. We also perform calibrations for the °C Port3600 Multipoint Sensing Instrument.


  • Please note that DegreeC always performs a full re-certification of it sensors and sensing instruments
  • Non-DegreeC calibration sources can only provide a verification of accuracy; they cannot reprogram the air velocity sensor, nor confirm operation across the entire performance range.

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Why calibrate? Upgrade!

DegreeC is excited to offer a new upgrade program for existing customers, when recalibrating their UAS Air Velocity Sensors. This program allows those customers with older sensors to receive the latest sensing hardware and internal firmware. This upgrade offers even higher levels accuracy and stability!

Upgrade Program for UAS Airflow Sensors

For a limited time, sensors built prior to December 2011, will be upgraded to a brand new sensor at a significant discount. For a fee of $275, you will receive:


  • Brand new, factory certified and calibrated UAS sensor
  • New, hard-case, reusable packaging for proper storage of the instrument
  • Newest product platform with latest sensing technology: higher accuracy and sensitivity
  • Quicker (10-day) turn-around times on future re-calibrations
  • $50 discount on next calibration

 If your sensor is broken, Degree Controls is still offering the same upgrade program for each returned, damaged sensor.

Upgrade Notice for ATM24, ATM2400, & ATM2400-e Users

New clients will join a global community of test engineers who require the functionality and efficiency of a multipoint air velocity sensing instrument, to create the best products possible. The °C Port3600 brings new enhancements to multpoint measurement technologies replacing the ATM24, ATM2400, and ATM2400. Benefits of upgrading include:


  • Full compatibility with any of our Cambridge Accusense USB Sensors (Air Velocity, Temperature & Humidity)
  • 36 Channels of Data Collection
  • Ethernet Connection for remote monitoring and management with our Web Application for PC and mobile devices
  • Built-in atmospheric pressure and humidity compensation for greater repeatability of testing conditions

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Why recalibrate?

Scheduled sensor calibration allows you to:

  • Be confident in the accuracy of your data
  • Meet production specifications
  • Pass quality inspections and audits
  • Expand markets by complying to international standards
  • Meet NIST traceable calibration standards

We compare sensors to a reference sensor that is traceable to internal standards. This means that by following a regular calibration schedule you will not only ensure the highest accuracy in your sensor's performance, but also meet the criteria needed for ISO 9000 information. This is an international standard, which gives your company greatly increased credibility.