Other Food Service Equipment

Cooking Ovens

displaycabinet-model-smallIn the cooking oven field, where power loads are high and conveyors, exhaust fans, heating elements and other high amperage devices are used, DegreeC's experience is invaluable with even more to offer. User interface is also an important part of each design. With a DegreeC controller, recipes can be selected at the touch of an icon, and relevant data presented depending on the food type being cooked.

In this competitive field with more complex product designing, ease of use is critical so that a new food technician can quickly be

come productive, and eliminate wasted food, cooking errors, and delays in food delivery to a customer. In the franchise restaurant industry segment, the ability to reprogram the controller firmware is necessary for modification of a product or menu screen. Imagine if the food technician could complete this task by simply connecting a memory stick to the controller and turning it on. This will keep all the franchises up to date without a service call.

Food Display Cabinets

Energy consumption and zone control

is becoming very important in this line of equipment. Food display cabinets can be on all day, with new product being swapped out depending on the time of day. quick recipes need to be accessed, zone-to-zone control for different food items need to be available, as well as the ability to add new recipes or modifythe interface without a service call.

Refrigerators and Other Coolers

DegreeC does not only focus on heat, we offer airflow managment controls for coolers and refrigerators, where uniform temperature is important in maintaining NSF compliance, quality food and dependable temperature settings. Air curtains can be a useful way to reduce energy losses, and DegreeC has developed air flow sensor systems used for testing and refining air curtain flow streams.

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