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Air velocity, air temperature, humidity, and altitude data is collected with this software.


Release date: 01/15/21

New Interface and supports °C Port Wi-Fi devices

The AccuTrac™ software collects air velocity, air temperature, as well as humidity and altitude (or barometric pressure) data real-time and displays, saves, reviews, graphs, and prints without export to another program.
Air velocity, air temperature, humidity, and air pressure data logging.

Real-time Data logging

Real-time air velocity, temperature, humidity, and pressure data logging, with compensation for changing humidity and barometric pressure (altitude)
View airflow sensor data in Line Graph and Gradient Graph formats.

New Graphing Features

New Line Graph and Gradient Graph features allow users to simply drag-and-drop the desired sensors into an easy-to-view graphing section, and export in jpeg format.
Multi-Channel Acquisition
Collect up to 180 air velocity, air temperature, surface temperature, humidity, & barometric pressure data in real-time
Full USB Support
AccuTrac™ software supports degreeC's complete line of USB Sensors, °C SPAR, and °C Port Data Acquisition Instruments
Universal File Formats
Save and export graphing, spreadsheets, and reporting tools in multiple universal file formats: .XLSX, .CSV, & .PNG
Yearly Subscription
With the new subscription service, you’re guaranteed full support and the latest updates whenever you need them

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Windows® 10 compliant
  • 1.0 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM
  • 20 MB Hard Drive Space

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