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Board Mount Series – Airflow Measurement in Electronics
by Sheila Dunn

Product Platforms: Board Mount Airflow Sensors & Instrumentation

  • F66x Board Mount Digital Airflow Sensor
  • RFS300 Board Mount Digital Airflow Sensor (Reference Design)
  • °C Port Data Acquisition Instrument
  • AccuTrac™ Software
Purpose: Measure airflow within dense electronic systems and enclosures for monitoring, control and alarm

Testing Range: 0.15 m/s to 20 m/s [30 fpm to 4000 fpm]
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Connect Arduino Board to Air Velocity & Temperature Sensor

Based on high-demand from our customers we have outlined step-by-step, best practices instructions on connecting an F-Series air velocity and temperature sensor to one of the most popular development boards, the Arduino. For the purposes of this guide, setup will be shown using the UNO REV3 board. DegreeC recommends using this particular board due to its popularity and ease of use.
Read this App Note (PDF)
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