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Air velocity, temperature, and humidity data acquisition instrument.

°C Point Anemometer

The handheld °C Point anemometer is the premier multipoint sensing instrument on the market, with bluetooth-enabled data acquisition, an LCD display for ease of reading and a sleek, efficient design for easier access to airflow apertures. With built-in barometric pressure compensation, the °C Point measures air velocity and temperature simultaneously and is suitable for face velocity and downflow testing of laboratory hoods and other high performance applications.

Easy Assembly, Seamless Recalibration

With our streamlined documentation, the °C Point installation procedure can be done in a matter of minutes. Certifiers and EH&S professionals can register their recalibration online and receive their replacement °C Point sensor head in advance of returning the old one--no more calibration downtime.
Sensor heads for air velocity, temperature, and humidity

LCD Display Screen for Live Readings

The on-board digital LCD screen conveniently displays real-time temperature and air velocity values.
Multi-point airflow sensing data collection and logging in real time.

Bluetooth-Synced Mobile Application

Transmit, log, and trend air temperature and air velocity values via Bluetooth with your mobile device. Our user-friendly mobile application is available for for both Google and Apple platforms.
USB attached to airflow sensors transmit to the data acquisition instrument.

Laboratory-Grade Sensing Technology

The °C Point meets ANSI/ASHRAE 110 and NSF 49 standards for laboratory fume hood and biosafety cabinet testing (3% accuracy, 1% repeatability).

Multi-point airflow sensing data collection and logging in real time.

Dynamic Airflow & Temperature Analytics

°C Point application software compensates for changing humidity and barometric pressure and saves airflow experiments in .CSV format to your Android mobile device or iPhone. Switch between data and graph views to view data in tabular format or linear plots.
USB attached to airflow sensors transmit to the data acquisition instrument.

Convenient, Compatible, Universal

°C Point fits comfortably in your hand and also interfaceswith a wide variety of standard camera mounts and selfie sticks. In addition, sensor heads are field-replaceable and can be changed out by you, at your location. The °C Point can be charged with a standard USB-C cable.

Specs & Details

  • Communication Interface: Bluetooth
  • Supported Software: °C Point™ for Android and Apple
  • RoHS Certified 
  • Laboratory-grade compliance3% Velocity Accuracy
  • 1% repeatability
  • Accuracy (the greater of): ±0.015m/s (3fpm) or ±3% of reading
  • Standard Calibrated Flow Range: 0.15 – 20.0 m/s (30 – 4000 fpm)
  • Power: Supplied by fast charging, lithium-ion battery. Up to 20 hours battery life. Rechargeable with USB-C Female. 

Normal lead-time for ˚C Point is 2-3 days. For larger orders, approximately 2-3 weeks.
Data Sheet (°C Point anemometer)
Quick Start (°C Point anemometer)
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