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Air flow visualization fog generator using FDA-GRAS approved, smoke-free fog fluid.

°C Breeze

The °C Breeze Fog generator is used for air flow pattern visualization testing. It uses low impulse, thermally neutral fog. This handheld device allows mobility in large areas or remote locations where a direct connection to power is not practical. The micro-sized particles provide excellent air flow visibility without premature settling or dispersion. The supplied nozzle extension tube allows precise fog delivery into small spaces.
Air flow visualization fog generator with planar, throttling, and low-velocity nozzles.

Additional Nozzle Accessories Available

  • MiniFlow Nozzle (for finer fog stream and throttling effect)
  • PlanarFlow Nozzle (longer nozzle with perforations for planar flow visualization)
  • FlowBulb Nozzle (media filter for enhanced flow visualization in low velocity applications)
Air flow visualization fog generator for NSF 19/ANSI compliance testing.

Are You NSF 19/ANSI Compliant?

Perfect for air flow pattern visualization testing in clean rooms and clean environment containment validation, the °C Breeze uses FDA-GRAS approved, non-depositing oilless and smoke-free fog fluid.

Specs & Details

  • Easy-to-use, battery operated, handheld portable fogging device
  • Neutral density, nontoxic fog, traces airflow profiles
  • High opacity and long visual latency to meet your application needs
  • Uses FDA GRAS approved, non-depositing, oilless and smoke-free fog fluid (residence time of 30-60s)
  • Useful for overhead or under floor applications, as well as lab and cleanroom testing (ISO 14644)
  • Starts in seconds, no warm-up delay
  • Switch options include constant-on or toggle on/off fog delivery
  • Switch option for high/low fog operation
  • Includes battery charger with illuminating LED charge indicator
  • °C Breeze Instrument Weight: 2.7 kg [6 lbs]
  • °C Breeze Dimensions: 227 mm x 66 mm x 81 mm [8.9” x 2.6” x 3.2”] 
  • Battery (Supplied): 12 VDC / 2.3Ah
  • Fog Fluid Reservoir Capacity: 110 mL [3.7 oz]
  • Fog Fluid Composition: Propylene Glycol – FDA GRAS
  • Fog Composition: Condensed moisture vapor
  • Fog Particle Size (mean diameter): 0.2 - 0.3 μm
Package details
  • °C Breeze Visualization Instrument
  • Locking Carrying Case with Keys
  • Nozzle Extension Tube, 225 mm [9”]
  • 500 ml [17 oz] Fluid Bottle
  • 12 VDC Lead Acid Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • User Manual 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    [upon request]
Normal lead-time for ˚C Breeze and any accessories is 2 days.


Data Sheet
MSDS (°C Breeze Fog Fluid)

Accessories & Replacement parts

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