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Air velocity, temperature, and humidity data acquisition instrument.

°C Port

Multi-point measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity are crucial steps in product design and development phases. When testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous measurement locations, the single-point measurement approach is expensive, time-consuming and often yields inaccurate results.
Sensor heads for air velocity, temperature, and humidity

Full USB Support

The °C Port Data Acquisition instruments support Degree Controls' complete product line of USB Airflow Sensors and °C SPAR and connects to your LAN or Wi-Fi network.
Multi-point airflow sensing data collection and logging in real time.

Aggregate Your Sensor Data

The AccuTrac™ software collects air velocity, air temperature, as well as humidity and altitude (or barometric pressure) data real-time and displays, saves, reviews, graphs, and prints without export to another program
USB attached to airflow sensors transmit to the data acquisition instrument.

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition

With a single °C Port3600, measure up to 36 points of air velocity, temperature and humidity with the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. Add additional °C Ports and measure up to 180 points simultaneously!

Specs & Details

  • PC Support: Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10
  • Communication Interface: Ethernet
  • Sensor Channels: 1-36
  • Supported Software: AccuTrac™
  • Power: 100-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A max
  • RoHS Certified & CE Marked

°C Port1200 (12 Sensor Channels)

°C Port3600 Wi-Fi (36 Sensor Channels)

Normal lead-time for ˚C Port is 2-3 days. For larger orders, approximately 2-3 weeks.
Data Sheet (°C Port1200)
Data Sheet (°C Port3600
Manual (°C Port Instruments)

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